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polaris 500 "POOR" gas mileage

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  • polaris 500 "POOR" gas mileage

    We ride a 2006, Polaris 500, classic, electric start and reverse. The problem is the gas mileage. We not been able to get over 8 miles to the gallon. Had the machine back to the dealer with no change in mileage.

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    maybe changing a clutch spring would help? did you mess around with the carbs at all?


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      ouch the ski-doo's SDI 600 sleds get 22 miles to the gallon
      anyone know if there sled is a SDI if it gets 22 or around 20??
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        My wifes 03 xc500sp gets over 15 and her g-friends 02 xc500sp gets over 18mpg. I would check your clutching and gearing compared to these NON reverse models. Does the machine lack any low or top end power? Could be exhaust valves . QWhat suspension does it have? The M-10 will take a few mph snd mpg also.
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          it's also possible that maybe your clutch is out of alignment. this can take away some HP and affect the gas mileage