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  • 1996 ultra sp

    i bought this sled (1996 ultra sp)for $800 dollars and it runs and looks great, so i couldn't pass it up, and hearing many people saying it's a muscle sled. Not knowing much about polaris(previous a/c rider), i wanna hear everything i can about this sled. And of course wanting it to whoop up on my buddy's is always a first. So going against a zrt 600 stock, a 03 f7 stock, 02 mxz 700, a xcr600 piped clutched and jetted, is a good start to try and beat up on.

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    Welcome...tell All Your Friends To Join Also....good Out For That F7


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      It all depends on how much money you want to spend. 1st is get a aftermarket exhaust. loose about 20 lbs Starting Line Perf. You'll end up w/ oabout 150 hp w/ just pipes and a air box mod.
      2nd clutching
      3rd Add reeds
      4th porting
      Im a dealer for SlP . Been using there products for many years .
      Those ultra have massive potential it just a matter of how far ya want to go. After you coax an extra 60 hp from a stock hp[ rating about 105 you will still be riding a 590 lb be hemouth. Its like adding a turbo and notrous to a 1965 caddillac hurse. Its still fun but at what price.
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        good luck

        for one the zrt is smaller cc and is stock..duh you should beat that,now on the other hand it dont take much to get a zrt 600 pumped a lil bit to take care of your ultra,my friend has a 96 ultra piped clutched,minor porting with a 1 1/2 paddle,my other friend has a 99 zrt 600 with mbrp can v-force,d&d air box d&d clutching with a 1 1/4 paddle ok pretty equal match for small mods done to each.considering the ultra is bigger in hrose to begin with,everytime they line em its always the smae nothing changes the ultra gets the zrt till about 30-35,and after that its all cat no looking back,im not bashing you or the polaris im just saying,good luck with f-7 for sure,i know my stock f-7's whoop up on any 800,and run strong against the 900's,unless im riding my 03 which has mods done to it,than i spank the 900's,just a lil opnion of what i know abou tan ultra that my friend has,good luck with it though and have fun
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          My last sled was a 96 Ultra SP that we made into a mountain sled.
          For motor mods I ran PSI pipes, SLP heads, Reeds, and some porting.

          One thing you can always do to a wedge sled is to lose the hood and gage pod in place of a mountain fit lexan hood and digitron. You will lose over 25 pounds right there.
          Aluminum upper and lower radius rods and billet spindles will lose some weight off of the front end too.

          For the type of riding you are doing, my gearing and clutching will not help you much.
          I had mine set up as an all mountain sled with the main strength being hill climbing.
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            Listen to rotalaris he knows what he's talking about...The Ultra in stock form was 105 H.P, however with the right mods your Ultra will be bullet proof and very hard to beat!! I have a 97 Ultra with the following mods-SLP triple pipes, SLP heads, trail ported, welded and balanced crank, tough boy bearing kit, 38MM Flat slide carbs, K&N filters (no air box) Comet Pro-4 Primary clutch w/2 speed hammertime weights, TEAM secondary clutch, 1.25 ripsaw track..My Ultra will flat out haul azz, no 600 zrt would even come close an 800 yes but not a 600..