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Question about 2007 Doo's

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  • Question about 2007 Doo's

    I see from the pictures that the 2007 Doos have more standard bar risers and flat bars.

    Does any one know if they are going to have the throttle block from the 06 MXZ / Renegade, the one from the Summits / Summit Xs, or the one from the 06 Free Style? They had 3 totally different throttle blocks in 06.
    I'm getting no where with my local Doo shop, I don't think they know yet is the issue there.

    I need to know so that I know how to set up my dual throttle kits / mounting instructions for 07 Doos, so no speculation please. I need first hand experience and / or pics / micro fiche pic showing detail.

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    Don't you know this stuff?
    No afense but i thought you had a website and a bussiness on this stuff??


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      No offence taken, but think about it a little.

      Do you really think that the sled MFGs are going to advertize the actual parts and changes on the sleds that they have not released yet?
      Especially something that is not a selling point for them, such as which throttle block they are using from the 3 in their inventory.
      It just doesn't go that way.

      Case in point is a really large and good company that I'm sure you know. Fly racing, AKA Western Power Sports, (same company).
      They have a longer brake line for the guys running bar risers that just came out in 06.
      Polaris did not tell them that they were changing to a banjo fitting on the caliper end of the line and they had some pre-season issues in the fall because of it and had to scramble to fix it. Being the great company that they are, they took care of it and everyone is happy.

      Now look at how huge Fly is and look at how my company is just at the end of our 3rd year in operation as a company with only a few products of our own.
      Do you think that the guys from Ski-Doo R&D call us up and tell us what little things are being changed? Of course not.

      This all meens that I have to gain all possible info wherever I can and do the propper testing to ensure that my customers get the right parts etc.
      Asking questions and searching for actual pictures etc is just part of the process. The earlier I can get any info pertaining to my products, the less man hours and money have to go into it, and thus, the less my products will have to cost you, the final consumer.
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        A pic of one model found it's way to me.
        Whole different set up yet.
        I also notice how that throttle cable is already pulled tight.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Doo bar set up 2007.jpg
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