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rev chassis versus the zx chassis

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  • rev chassis versus the zx chassis

    For those of you who have tried both what do you think of either of them, which do you like better? I know there are many factors involved but I am keeping it simple. I like my mxz7`s zx chassis over my cousins rev800 gade, it feels more at home, I could never adjust to the rev chassis, That is one reason why I am looking for a f7 this year instead of another doo.

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    I switched from a XCSP Polaris to a 05 MXZ X 600 makes F-series Cats look sick on the trail. Adjust your riding to a Rev and you will love it.
    If you are a drag racer the F-serice cats are faster.
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      ive ridden the zx, rev, and F7 chassis. by far, i liked the REV the best, but i'd be happy with the zx and F7 too. those cats have awesome power, but if i could, i'd buy a rev first because of the handling and comfortable ride of it.


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        I love the rev. I can't feel any bumps and you can comfortly steer it standing up. SO REV


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          Rev...Zx is great, but the Rev is amazing


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            Ilove the Rev

            I have the original Rev 03 X package and I love it. Love it Love it
            I ride standing up alot. and I actually love the beat up trails great to show all the non believers of the Rev just how it will eat there sled for breakfast.

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              ZX is hard to set up with good ergo's for the stand up rider...the REV is right there. Plus they finally got away from the series 3 engines.
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                ive rode both rev and i have f-7's...the rev is softer...but the dont bother me...ill stick with cats,and the hard gorund punding power it produces to eat the revs for breakfast,dinner and supper i have no problems in the trees/trails outrunning revs and whatever else follows or tries to lead,maybe its my riding style..aggressive maybe i dunno....but yes the rev-run has the better ride
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                  rev. vs. zx

                  the rev was built and designed for racing. to enjoy its advantages over the zx chassis it needs to be driven aggressively. the zx in its day was an awesome sled on well groomed trails but in the bumps and the whoops, the rev hands down beats the zx. oh yeah, the revs fly better through the air. better balance and easier to see around for landings!
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                    I went form the S2000 to the Rev, I am very pleased with the Rev. It doe everything, that everyone as posted before me. What I like the most is that I don't have to slide my feet back. When I road my old 98 FZ 670 my feet were always back. When I took jumps the nose would go down alot and my arse hurt would bottom out more often. Now with the Rev I can stand more often and keep my feet in the foot holes. Better landings, I don't have to turn up the rear suspension as much either.
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                      Rev by far!! I like to ride aggressive. I've ridden about everything (not all mine, but at least rode some friends), and the Rev is awsome for me. I here taller people complain, but I am 5'6", and its perfect for me. I have never felt so comfortable standing up as you do on a Rev. I don't even have the knee pads, and really don't think I even need them. I hit flat rock rd saturday evening (mogel city), and just stood up and hammered down and left everyone I was with in the dust. They couldn't believe I could go so fast over those 3' mogels. Well thats my 2 cents anyways.


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                        Definately the Rev
                        The Renegade is more of a dual purpose sled and that may have been part of the problem.
                        If you are primarily a trail rider, then I'd look at the newer MXZs in the Rev chassis.
                        My self, I like the Summits in the Rev chassis, but I'm a mountain rider and so that part probably won't help you so much.
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