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    Helped a friend work on his sled and didn't realize that I got something all over the front of my red riding coat. I have tried everything to get it out, but can't. Anyone have any suggestions.
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    well, We use " Krudd Cutter" on our machines and sometimes on our clothes that are stained.
    If u live near a mr. seconds I think thats your best bet!


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      try Greased Lightning. Its with the rest of the household cleaners @ most grocery stores. Safe to use on clothes.

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        tried greased lightning, didn't work. Thanks


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          Two suggestions-try googone-can get at any walmart,if that does not work then awesome cleaner-can be found at DOLLER TREE store-both can be sprayed on clothing.May take a couple of washings,do not dry in a machine, hang to dry until all of the stain is gone.This is per the wife-miss stain remover-joke!!! if you knew me ,you would understand!!!! she has had alot of work in this area!!!!
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            The cat race jackets we used to have had white on the sleeve (stupid) I'd get goop handcleaner and scrub that in and let it sit for a little while then wash.. (dont get it wet first).. WOrked well for me.
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              Theres this stuff called "Magic Eraser" by Mr Clean.
              I would do a test spot first in a small inconspicuous spot.
              This stuff is amazing. Takes crayon off the wall, grime on outdoor furniture, scuff marks that you have tryed everything on, white sneaker soles, wheels, list goes on and on.
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