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Nutcracker aka IQ chassis

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  • Nutcracker aka IQ chassis

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    Polaris may have finally made a newer sled for me!

    2007 Snow check only Dragon IQ

    700 EFI self adjusting no more jetting!
    140+ hp
    narrow snow cross style seat
    newer front steering set up for easier steering and better control
    Great fuel mileage
    fantastic rear suspension for the studder bumps & jumps..

    I personaly wouldnt wanna endanger my "guys" w/ these machines. What ya think
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    looks painfull

    Maybe a cup will be just as needed as a helmet


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      Thats great! That first pic, that is a shy attempt at rider forward if I have ever seen one.
      "If ya can't fix it, get a hammer. If a hammer won't fix it, get a pry bar. If a pry bar won't fix it, get a bigger hammer. If the bigger hammer doesn't fix it. It belongs there."


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        hahahha, you have too much time on your hands rot


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          I don't know.
          I ordered the Dragon RMK.
          Not that worried about the gas cap hitting my junk,
          I rode the 2007 600 and it wasn't a problem.
          You are not that forward on the seat.
          90% of the time I ride standing anyway, we ride primarily off trail and 100% of our riding is in the mountains.
          Let's Ride Idaho


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            That why I have a Arctic Cat. LOL
            This is just MY opinion and in no way reflects the opinion of SLEDFREAK, it's members or administrators. I reserve the right to trash anyone who leaves themself wide open to it. LOL!


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              haha now that you have brought it up. i am curious to think if they r such of a rpoblem as u describe. i am gonna have to see becuase that would suck!
              Whens it gonna snow???