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  • Hot Seat!!!

    Who want to be the 1st on the throne?
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    H20Xing is more twice as badass as the second most badass thing in the world.
    Heaven is a chocolate train with a monkey conductor who farts lollipops!

    Founder of ROTS. POSSE

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    I hope that it is a photo sop special, if not I am puting a bathroom in for me in the basement (long story short, 1 bathroom house, I got 3 girls in this house now, 19 months, 6 years and 31. Do ya think I'll be in the shower in the morning in 5 years???) and I need a can to put in it!
    "If ya can't fix it, get a hammer. If a hammer won't fix it, get a pry bar. If a pry bar won't fix it, get a bigger hammer. If the bigger hammer doesn't fix it. It belongs there."


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      Aww shoot Rota - I though there was gonna be a picture of me there .... oh well

      <goes and sulks off to boring spreadsheet work again>
      - Riding in honor and in memory of those we love!


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        That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
        This is just MY opinion and in no way reflects the opinion of SLEDFREAK, it's members or administrators. I reserve the right to trash anyone who leaves themself wide open to it. LOL!


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          ^^^ I'd have to agree.


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            Looks like something Tim "the tool man" Taylor would build ...
            HEY, were's the Street Rod magazine at, I don't see it on the tank or floor ?????
            It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!