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  • St-Zenon

    First.. I want to say how impressed I am by looking at your work here on the FREAK site! Very creative, original, and all round cool.

    For some reason, when I am typing, I have to wait a while to see what I have typed. Is this normal?

    I think it may be because of your big file.. the header that has snow falling... this may take up too much time to downlaod??

    good luck guys!\

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    we have a CELEBRITY in the house...thanks for JOINING and posting ZENWAITER!!!!...QUEBECS FINEST man and fellow snowmobiler!!!!....a great day at SF when ZEN pops in!!!!


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      You're flattery is unecessary! It's my pleasure to drop by. I love the colours and the feel of your site. At the risk of sounding negative, I still have that delay thing goin on when I type. Is this perhaps a problem germain to myself only? That could be I suppose.

      I congratulate you on your 15 members! On my web site, my bulletin board has taken years to build up. I have 169 members now. I find a board is alot of work, so now, I actually have a volounteer or two, who check it out, and have the authority to delete nasty posts for me. I get families on there, so I have them watch close. I tried to do the "free speech" thing, but people are irresponsible. Yes, all this awaits you too! But providing a public forum for readers is one of the main keys to a successful website.

      Gone are the days of ink and paper, where only those with the control of the press could shape public opinion on a matter.

      On a different tact, I just want to say thanks to all our friends who have written me concerning the deaths of Alain Lasalle and Danny Sigoun at the Refuge arson site in St-Zenon. The Police investigation is still very much on going, and I understand they are looking for PROOF, an elusive comodity when people are frightened of a killer or killers still at large, feeling cocky and high.

      I have full confidence, perhaps a naive confidence even, that justice will prevail. This Quebec murder division of the SQ is a very serious organization. The special officers assigned to the case are very impressive young men, I have met all three of them. They form a unit, and are part of a 30 man force that do murder investigation all day long.

      As for the proposed Boycott of the motel Le Cabanon directly across the lake from the Refuge, it appears sledders have already started cancellations of their reservations for next winter, and I feel ambivalent about it.

      For my self preservation, and for my future in general, I am not convinced that St-Zenbon is a place I want to return to even for a short period to write about sledding. On the other hand, I do not want my other motel friends there to suffer loss. If you stop going to the Cabanon, business in St-Zenon will drop off for everyone .

      On the third hand... I am concerned about safety issues for the Americans that drive up to Quebec, with killers still roaming free. On the fourth hand, I had better stop telling you how I feel, cause I still have a home standing there in the village! Hahaha...(nervous laugh).. But isn't that why you guys love me, cause I say what I really think? Let me tell you, it ain't always easy.

      One thing is for certain, that I feel we can all agree upon; The Quebec Police had better stay on this case and solve it quickly. Also, they had better seriously consider allocating more resources to the epidemic of snowmobile theft in particular regions of the Province.. because Americans are NOT dumb, and eventually, by God, they WILL stop coming up to Canada! This is a real danger.

      There.. I vented!

      God Bless America! God Bless Al and Danny! Long live their memories in our hearts.
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        Me and a few of the guys here stayed at La Glacier' last winter. My first time to canada as a whole. I enjoyed the trip, the trails and the people. One of our main concerns of course was the theft. We took all precaution that we could and came home w/ everything. There was a feeling of uneasiness tho, specially cause a couple of the guys had brand new machines. We rode to La Cabanon for gas and played on the lake in front of The Refuge for a hour or so. I drove down to the Refuge and just sat there on my sled looking at the place, thinking how awesome it was,very inviting and a down home feeling. I'll always regret not going in and maybe bumping into Alan & Danny. From everything I have read they sound like a couple stand up guys, and died a brutal, un-nessasary death at the hands of cowards and lowlifes. I myself will probably never go back to that area for quite some time, for obvious reasons. Canada is to big and offers to many other SAFE places to ride and spend my money. I do feel sorry for the peoiple of that area tho, they are scared, and fear retaliation. I hope the law up there sticks to their guns and find the people who are responsible.
        God speed to Alan and Danny and God bless their families.
        It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!