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  • La Cabanon Just returned

    Conditions are great in the St Zenon, St Michelle area. We just returned from La Cabanon. If you want to ride that is a great place to go. Trails are well groomed around La Cabanon, they take excellent care of their trails. If you go try to make it to Kubeks, great place!!!!!! I will post a full report later today.
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    Report from the trip

    Just got back from La Cabanon in St Zenon Quebec Canada. They have plenty of snow up there. Riding is good and traffic is light.

    We arrived Saturday night, temp was -10 C. Rain during the day Saturday made the trails packed and hard. Sunday temps were -10 C to just above zero, windy but sunny all day. Trails were smooth and hard. One sled had trouble cooling because the trails were to hard. The trails taken care of by La Cabanon were in excellent shape. We went to the power dam and CanadAdventure. CanadAdventure is a nice place, they offer accommodations, food, gas, a bit off the beaten path but what a nice place. Monday we were going to head to St Donat but just after the Coin Lavange my manifold bolts decided to disappear. We had been looking at a nice 200 mile loop to St Donat but my sled said FU. So we towed back to Coin Lavange hoping to borrow a stick magnet to find the missing bolts. The folks at the Coin Lavange were nice and tried to help us, but the bolts are MIA. They directed us to Paul in St Come for repairs. We spoke to a great guy there who spoke partial english got directions and we towed to St Come. Got a little lost in St Come but finally found the place PMN Performance. This is the place where all the 3 wheelers have gone. Rota would love this place, the owner races oval and has tons of Polaris parts. The owner Paul was away on business but the guy he left in charge was great! He spoke some english. They brought my sled right in and everyone in the shop tried to get us back running. Unfortunately the gasket could not be saved and they did not have one in stock. They said they could get the gasket and have it running in the morning. Riding back 2-up to La Cabanon SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With temps below zero I could not feel my feet by time we got back to the hotel. My sled was kept in their warm shop over night and was fixed in the morning. We took the truck & trailer to St Come to pick it up, riding 2-up was not an option!. After getting the sled, we rode to Kubeks. Trails were smooth, fast and very light traffic. I highly recommend going to Kubeks if you go to this area. These were the best trails of the trip. We were going to go to Lake Sacacome but the trail into the lake was narrow and poorly groomed. We decided to stay on good trails and looped back to La Cabanon. After dinner we rode towards the town of St Zenon, the mountain trail was bumpy and the roads into the town needed fresh snow. We got back on good trails and headed back to La Cabanon via trails by La Glaciere.

    The area had just gotten some warm temps and some rain just before we arrived. The lakes were frozen but minimal snow coverage. Roads in the little towns had little to no snow cover. All the trails had plenty of snow, some were a little to packed for proper cooling of the sleds. The area could benefit from a few inches of fresh snow mainly for proper cooling of the sleds. Wednesday morning the area got approx 6 inches of fresh snow, followed by pouring rain. The trails with the fresh snow if groomed should not be affected by the rain. Conditions were not as good as the typical pristine conditions normally experienced in Canada but even a bad day in Canada is still better then an excellent day in Tug or Old Forge. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best ever I would rate the trails an 8. St Zenon has more than enough snow and plenty of great groomed trails, lack of snow around here has scared off many people so traffic is light. We bought a season pass and are planning another trip for Presidents week in February. St Come has an annual snow festival where the whole town makes huge ice sculptures, this festival kicks off Jan 27th. These folks make some impressive sculptures if you can go this should be on your list of places to stop. The sculptures are on display into February too.


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      When did you go and what kind of trips did you do? After the rain did you get more snow up there?
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        Dam Picture

        Here is the Dam picture
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