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Left Shawinigan Tuesday Trails EXCELLENT

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  • Left Shawinigan Tuesday Trails EXCELLENT

    Just got home from Canada today. Dropped the trucks and trailers at Motel Safari and headed to Saint Raymond. Unfortunately, we woke to absolute TORRENTIAL RAIN on Wednesday and decided to wait an extra day and we visited the Ice Hotel and the city of Quebec. Thursday morning we headed to Le Tape. After getting about 10 miles outside of town we laid first tracks for nearly 100 miles in 3 FEET, yes 3 FEET of fresh powder. Through the mountains to LeTape there is without exaggeration 6-10 FEET of snow in total. There were snow drifts that we could not even get over and had to go AROUND them! Then from LeTape south to Lac Beauport we passed 3 groomers and not another sled for over 100 miles laying first tracks on freshly groomed trails. Upon arriving in Lac Beauport we did see a few sleds on Trail 3. Stayed in the 4 Points Sheraton which is right on the trail and the same price as every other hotel/motel you will find with beautiful suites and great dining. Friday we rode back to Motel Safari. Again all trails were MINT and this morning when we left it was snowing like a bastard and they had probably 6 inches of new snow when we headed home.
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