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any other coloradans on this site?

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  • any other coloradans on this site?

    If so
    where from?
    where do you ride?

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    Howdy RMK...
    I'm not from there, but a good friend lives in Hayden. Take the cog north outta hayden into the Rockies about 20 minutes, your out in no mans land. He worked at Ski-Doo Challenger Motorsports In Steamboat(now closed), probably heard of it ??? The guy who owned Challenger also had a place in Craig. My bud now owns his own business called Mountain Performance in Steamboat.
    I was out there 2 years ago in March riding w/ him for a week. Rode the Black Mountains, Rabbit Ears Passe and Butte Passe. Had a absolute ball being I'm a flatlander. What made it even sweeter was a Vertical Escape 800cc 159" as my ride the whole time. You know you got a lot of track hanging out when your gunning thru the trails
    Absolutely beautiful there, and a must for any sledhead to try once.

    So, wanna invite us all out for a week of riding?? lol
    It's who we are ..... It's what we do !!!!