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  • North West Maine Conditions

    Just got back from Jackman Maine,
    ITS trails are hard & fast with about a 12-18 inch packed base. They got over two feet of snow and then a light rain storm that set up the base perfectly, Then it got good and cold, -20 at night and around +10 in the daylight. They groomed as soon as it got cold and with light traffic the trail base got packed in great. It has been snowing a little off & on since, an inch or two here and there. Dont let the in town trails (about a 5 mile radius) bum you out, they are always rough from traffic. Get beyond them and its awsome.

    We also did a bunch of back country riding up in the hills away from the ITS trails. There are litterally 100's of miles of ungroomed logging trails that have a nice deep base of packed powder and MY GOD WHAT A BALL WITH A LONG TRACK!

    The snow is not as good over near Greenville but is still a decent ride.
    North to Pittston Farms is great, east to N.E. Carry is super fast, the trail to Canada is a bit bumpy from traffic, but again not real bad.
    Next trip will be south to the Forks and west to Eustis and maybe Rangely area. I will let you know the details when I return.

    Ride hard! mackenzienh
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