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Trails Old Forge-brantingham-tug Hill

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  • Trails Old Forge-brantingham-tug Hill

    All Excellent Shape For Early Season...get Out Now!!!

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    Any Recent updates from old forge?? Or even the hill
    04-05 Mileage : 631
    05-06 Mileage : 765
    06-07 Mileage : 2022


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      I left the hill and Brantingham area last week to come back to Alaska. I know the valley was really thin. But good cover up on the hill and in the Adk Park.. I left on the first Tue of Jan. I know temps are suppos to be up in the high 40's to 50 this week and weekend. But the weather guessers are doing just that, Guessing. Remember back inthe 90's when they said "maybe a foot over night and Montague got hit with 76 inches in 24 hrs. Old Forge also looked ok back on the Friday after X mas. Some roads were bare as well. I think Zman was going to Old Forge today so he might have some updates when he gets home.